RSS or RTS? Which SMT Profile Should You Choose?

Should the SMT reflow profile Choosing Between RSS or RTS?

Choosing between RSS (Ramp-Soak-Spike) and RTS (Ramp-To-Spike) for the reflow temperature profile in the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) process has been a constant dilemma for many engineers. Some face pressure from higher-ups to opt for RTS due to cost-saving benefits, while Workingbear personal uncertainties about its  soldering quality linger.

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HIP (Head-in-Pillow) Defect Phenomenon: Possible Causes in SMT Reflow Process

Possible Causes of Head-in-Pillow (HIP) Phenomenon in SMT Process

The HIP (Head-in-Pillow) defect looks like a person resting their head on a pillow, not buried inside it. Recently, some people refer to it as HoP (Head-on-Pillow). Both terms refer to the non-wetting defect in the solder joints of BGA (Ball Grid Array) components. Personally, Workingbear think it looks more like a neck or waist, but I believe calling it the “Ball and Socket” or “Double Balls” Phenomenon seems more appropriate.

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SMT Reflow Soldering Temperature Profiles Explanation and Precautions

The thriving development of the electronics industry owes much to the invention and improvement of Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Among the various SMT techniques, Reflow Soldering plays a pivotal role. In this discussion, we aim to shed light on some technical aspects and temperature settings related to reflow soldering.

The reflow profile for printed circuit board assembly generally consists of four major phases: Pre-heat, Soak, Reflow, and Cooling. This article represents a compilation of personal insights, and any corrections or suggestions are warmly welcomed.

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"Being Ready for Potential Layoffs" is the Best Strategy to Avoid Job Cuts

The Workingbear is used to seeing job cuts happen in global companies, especially those from the United States, whether they’re big or small. Normal downsizing is like the body’s “metabolism” – not necessarily a bad thing. Companies hire when there’s a lot of work, and they let people go when business isn’t doing well. It’s a routine occurrence. Even though I’ve grown accustomed to it, there’s always a touch of sadness when layoffs happen, especially when coworkers I’ve spent time with suddenly vanish from the company because they’ve been laid off.

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Another Option for Increasing Solder Volume in SMT – Solder Preforms

“Solder preforms” are pre-shaped small solder pieces that can be used to locally increase solder paste volume. They help improve solder quality and strength, addressing the limitations on solder paste caused by using a stencil, and are especially useful as electronic components continue to shrink in size.

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