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What is AOI? What Defects Can 2D AOI Detect in PCB Assembly?

AOI (Auto Optical Inspection) is an automated optical recognition system that has become widely used in the electronics industry for inspecting the quality of soldering, component placement accuracy and the presence of missing components on PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) … Continue reading

Why Do PCBs Have Those Small Circles? What purpose of Test Points on PCBs?

Have you ever noticed those tiny circles on PCBs and wondered why they’re there? They don’t seem to have any parts soldered onto them, and some don’t even have solder paste. Well, those small circles are called test points, and … Continue reading

What are ICT(In-Circuit Test) and MDA(Manufacturing Defects Analyzer) in Electronics Manufacturing? Any Benefits?

Do you know what ICT (In-Circuit Test) is? Please note that we are not talking about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) here. And what about MDA (Manufacturing Defects Analyzer)? If these tests are commonly implemented in PCB assembly manufacturing, what … Continue reading

Red Dye Penetration Test to check for BGA solder joint cracking

The Red Dye Penetration Test also known as Red Dye, is a technique used to inspect for surface-mount technology (SMT) defects such as voids or micro-cracks in the soldering of electronic components. It is a destructive test typically used on … Continue reading