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Problem Analysis and Solving: 8D report

The “8D report” is a tool commonly used in the electronics assembly industry for “problem analysis and solving.” Due to its systematic and clear steps, the “8D report” is often utilized in responding to customer complaint cases. The term “8D” … Continue reading

Why a BOM (Bill of Materials) is Critical in Electronic Product Development

A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a list of materials required for the production of an electronic product. It serves as an important bridge between the designer, manufacturer, and supplier. The BOM includes all the components, devices, and materials used … Continue reading

"Being Ready for Potential Layoffs" is the Best Strategy to Avoid Job Cuts

The Workingbear is used to seeing job cuts happen in global companies, especially those from the United States, whether they’re big or small. Normal downsizing is like the body’s “metabolism” – not necessarily a bad thing. Companies hire when there’s … Continue reading

Exploring EVT/DVT/PVT: Explaining the Three Crucial Validation Stages in New Product Development

When developing a new product, it is common to conduct a “trial run” to obtain a prototype sample. This serves two purposes: firstly, it allows developers to further test and validate the prototype’s functionality, and secondly, it helps the manufacturing … Continue reading