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Selective Mask Wave Soldering Process: The Optimal Timing and Limitations

Workingbear initially thought that wave soldering machines should have been relegated to museums by now! However, despite the decades-long development of Surface Mount Technology (SMT), many PCBs still undergo wave soldering processes. But nowadays, most wave soldering processes employ Selective … Continue reading

Can Surface Mount Devices Run Through the Wave Soldering Without Falling Into the Pot?

In previous discussions, Workingbear introduced the “wave soldering” process, which was used in early day of PCBA soldering. SMT assembly, on the other hand, emerged later. Can wave soldering be used for Surface Mount Devices (SMDs) after SMT placement? Workingbear … Continue reading

What is AOI? What Defects Can 2D AOI Detect in PCB Assembly?

AOI (Auto Optical Inspection) is an automated optical recognition system that has become widely used in the electronics industry for inspecting the quality of soldering, component placement accuracy and the presence of missing components on PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) … Continue reading

The Purpose of Nickel (Ni) Plating on Components or Circuit Boards in the Electronics Industry

Firstly, let’s clarify that Workingbear is not a metallurgy expert. The content of this article is based purely on personal experience and information gathered from the internet. If there are any errors, feel free to point them out for correction. … Continue reading

Why Do PCBs Have Those Small Circles? What purpose of Test Points on PCBs?

Have you ever noticed those tiny circles on PCBs and wondered why they’re there? They don’t seem to have any parts soldered onto them, and some don’t even have solder paste. Well, those small circles are called test points, and … Continue reading