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An Option for Adding More Solder – Solder Preforms

“Solder preforms” are tiny pieces of solid tin alloy that are already shaped before use. They come in two types of flux contain and flux free. These preforms can be put in certain pads to increase the amount of solder … Continue reading

The Hidden Dangers of Using Overdue PCBs: Can Baking Salvage Them?

All materials actually have its shelf-life, some shorter and some longer than others. So what happens when expired materials are used? Think about what will happens when you eat expired food. What about using expired Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)?

Clarifying the Concept of Electronic Component Soldering Strength

While organizing an article on the structural analysis of Micro-USB connectors, Workingbear came across an interesting soldering concept that he would like to discuss with everyone. During the product development and NPI verification phase, RD often comes to me, I … Continue reading

Increase solder paste volume will improve the MLCC capacitor broken?

Recently WorkingBear got complaint from R&D and ask increase the solder paste volume on the MLCC (Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor)  component pads to improve the capacitor broken issue. R&D said he had verified that the capacitor’s footprint in the board design … Continue reading

Copper Defined vs. Solder Mask Defined pad design for BGA soldering strength

Since the electronic product design moves from desktop to portable devices, the manufacturer also make electronic component as small as possible to meet this popular trend. Besides, the PCB thickness also become thinner and the associated soldering pads on the … Continue reading