Who is WorkingBear?

WorkingBearWorkingBear is a senior Manufacturing Process Engineer that worked in electronic box build assembly for a long time. WorkingBear also worked with many EMS manufacturers in Asia to deal with the NPI (New Product Introduction), quality, troubleshooting…etc. English is not my natural language, but I’m learning it and hope it will be a good communication tool for the discussion of manufacturing skills.

Researching and maintaining SMT process technology, Good solderability, Good testing yield, Smooth box build flow, Optimum carton packing, etc., are my daily routine job. I also study plastic resin properties and injection control.

Here I would like to share my knowledge in this blog. You can drop me a message if you are interested in the topic I posted.

Blog History

  • 2015.04.21: “I am a Manufacturing Process Engineer” blog launch. Moving articles from original blog of “Manufacturing Engineer Blog” in Blogspot (Google Blogger).
  • 2015.05.01: Starting to write new post weekly.

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