Four Solutions for Quickly Removing labels from Carton and Devices

At Workbearing’s electronic manufacturing service (EMS) factory and warehouse, products often need to be reworked for various reasons, such as customer requests or converting products for inventory purposes. While removing labels is not the most crucial task in the rework process, there is a need for a better and efficient way to remove labels without causing damage to the product or packaging box.

Workingbear provide four several methods for removing labels from cardboard boxes or devices packing in general rework:

Method 1: Sticking a new label on top of the original label

This is the most convenient operation, as you can simply print a new label and cover the original label. However, it is also the most likely to attract customer complaints because the eye-catching customers can easily spot the repeated label. They may question why there are two labels, is there something wrong with the product? Was it returned by someone else and then sold to me?

To eliminate such doubts from customer, we can specially produce slightly larger labels than the original labels, making it easier to cover the whole original label. Additionally, you should not be able to see the printing on the original label, so the thickness of the label paper must be increased too.

However, just like trying to fix a cracked eggshell by adding more glue, eagle-eyed customers still have a chance of noticing the issue of repeated labels.

Method 2: Use a heat gun blowing hot air to remove labels

This is the most commonly used method in EMS factories today. Generally, the adhesive on the label paper will deteriorate when heated, making it easier to tear off after being heated. However, this method is only suitable for glass labels because they are less likely to be torn. If it is a regular paper label, you have to be very careful to avoid tearing it.

Additionally, it is important to note that heating the product directly may damage the structure of the plastic material, so the temperature of the heat gun must be limited.

Method 3: Using solvents or water to remove labels

One can apply alcohol, other solvents, or water on top of the label paper. After the adhesive on the label softens, it can be easily torn off. However, this method takes time and is not very suitable for electronic production lines.

Workingbear usually apply a damp cotton cloth and place it on top of the label while deal with personal stuff. the cotton cloth completely covers the label paper and keeps it moist. After some time, the adhesive on the label paper becomes wet, making it easy to tear off.

Method 4: Removing labels at low temperatures

Some label adhesives will become brittle while place it under low temperatures. You can try this method, but it is not very suitable for factory operations.

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