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How Preventing Heavy Components from Falling during Secondary time SMT Reflow

With the rapid advancement of mobile communication technology, EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) providers worldwide are facing severe labor shortages. Furthermore, the Industry 4.0 trend has heightened the demand for automation in EMS facilities. As a result, many components that were … Continue reading

Do PCB Designs Require Reserving Board Edges and Grooves for Routers De-Paneling Machines?

A while back, a netizen asked how the Router de-panel machine cuts PCB panels and whether there’s a need to reserve board edges (break-away) for the Router machine in PCB design. Upon careful consideration, I thought my previous answer might … Continue reading

How to Evaluate the Risk and Probability of Electronic Components Not Falling Off during SMT Second Reflow

PCB assembly through SMT double-sided reflow soldering has become the mainstream process in contemporary electronic manufacturing. However, occasionally, many individuals inquire, “Is there a method to proactively determine, or is there any calculation formula to predict the risk or rate … Continue reading

PCB Board Edge Removal and Panelization: Pros and Cons of Router Panel Cutting

There are several methods to cut and separate pre-panelized PCBs into individual boards, and one commonly adopted approach for thin and finely dimensioned mobile phone PCBs is using a Router Cutting Machine. It offers numerous advantages over V-Cut scoring machines, … Continue reading

PCB De-Paneling: V-cut scoring de-paneling and removing board edges

The term “V-cut” refers to a pre-cut separation groove made by printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers at specific locations on the PCB. This groove is designed to facilitate the “de-paneling” process after the completion of surface mount technology (SMT)  and … Continue reading