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The Myth of PCB Baking: Can Pre-Baking PCBs Improve Solderability?

WorkingBear has noticed that many engineers or managers involved in Surface Mount Technology (SMT) have a strong passion for “PCB baking,” but their understanding of the concept might not be very clear. If you browse through discussions on PCB and … Continue reading

Preventing Solder Cracks in BGA Designs: Strengthening Tips from the Design End

Many colleagues in the company have been asking WorkingBear recently for advice on designing  BGA (Ball Grid Array) to prevent solder cracking and enhance its strength. This request comes after a senior expressed concerns during a new product development meeting, … Continue reading

How to Determine Whether Underfill is Needed for BGA?

A question from a netizen, “In the past, many mobile phone PCB assemblies would use Underfill depositing under the BGA package to enhance the mechanical strength of the solder joints. However, it has been found that most mobile phone assemblies … Continue reading

Questions from Newcomer: Why is Solder Paste Needed for SMT Reflow since BGA Already has Solder Balls? Is Solder Paste Needed for BGA Repair?

Questions from a newcomer about electronic manufacturing assembly process: Since there are already solder balls locate on the BGA substrate, why is it necessary to apply solder paste on the PCB pads during SMT reflow? Is it necessary to apply … Continue reading

The Hidden Dangers of Using Overdue PCBs: Can Baking Salvage Them?

All materials actually have its shelf-life, some shorter and some longer than others. So what happens when expired materials are used? Think about what will happens when you eat expired food. What about using expired Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs)?