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What is AOI? What Defects Can 2D AOI Detect in PCB Assembly?

AOI (Auto Optical Inspection) is an automated optical recognition system that has become widely used in the electronics industry for inspecting the quality of soldering, component placement accuracy and the presence of missing components on PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) … Continue reading

What is Graping Solder Defect in SMT Assembly? How to Fix it?

In the reflow soldering process of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) in electronic assembly, the occurrence of “Graping” solder defect refers to the situation where the solder paste does not completely melt and joint together during reflow. Instead, individual solder powders … Continue reading

NWO (Non-Wet-Open) Defect in BGA Soldering: Causes and Possible Solutions

Recently, many have inquired about how to deal with Non-Wet-Open (NWO) issues when encountering BGA packaged ICs soldering. The defects associated with NWO are quite similar to those of HIP (Head-in-Pillow) and typically occur at the edges and corners of … Continue reading

Purpose of Using Lead-Free Low-Temperature Solder (LTS) SnBi, SnBiAg in Soldering

The alloy composition of lead-free LTS (Low Temperature Solder) usually includes the metal “bismuth (Bi)” in addition to tin (Sn) to lower its eutectic point. The commonly used lead-free solder SAC305 has a melting point of 217°C, while Sn64Bi35Ag1 has … Continue reading

Problem Analysis and Solving: 8D report

The “8D report” is a tool commonly used in the electronics assembly industry for “problem analysis and solving.” Due to its systematic and clear steps, the “8D report” is often utilized in responding to customer complaint cases. The term “8D” … Continue reading