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Trouble Shooting Guide for Plastic Injection

Trouble Suggested Remedies (Solutions) DIMENSIONAL PROBLEMS   Shot-to-shot dimensional variations Increase injection pressure Maintain uniform pad (cushion) Repair leaking back flow value if pad cannot be maintained Increase screw forward time Maintain uniform cycle Eliminate un-melted particles (see below) Use … Continue reading

Case study for the mold-in insert screw boss broken

Last time WorkingBear mentioned the potential root causes to bring the screw boss crack after mold-in screw nut insert. Actually we received the complaint from the field then asked EMS and plastic supplier to double check their inventory and found … Continue reading

How come the screw boss crack after mold-in screw insert?

Well, this is a long-ago history that WorkingBear writes this article just for a record. One day we received a complaint from the customer about one of our products had a plastic house broken issue. There is a crack show … Continue reading