TQRDCE Performance Expectations and Review

This is an example that implement TRQDCE form for vendor survey.

TQRDCE Introduction:

TQRDCE ChecklistThe company’s approach to establishing and maintaining long-term working relationships involves creating and monitoring mutual performance expectations and measurements. The use of performance metrics, constructive feedback, and prompt corrective action by both the supplier and customer is essential for achieving continuous process improvement.

To enable customers to measure our suppliers, we have developed the TQRDCE (Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery, Cost, and Environmental) review. It is crucial for suppliers to maintain a competitive advantage by providing materials of the highest quality and lowest total cost, with the best delivery, responsiveness, and technology available. The TQRDCE review is a tool that measures and communicates a supplier’s performance, and assists the company in determining their position in future business relationships.

This review is being provided two weeks in advance of our scheduled meeting with [SUPPLIER] on [DATE] at [LOCATION]. it should be shared with the appropriate personnel at [SUPPLIER] with a focus on the development objectives. it is company’s expectation that [SUPPLIER] come to the review with a written action plan that addresses all the development objectives listed on the review.

This action plan, which should identify specific actionable plans with owners and due dates, will serve as the focus for the majority of discussions on [DATE]. Progress against these plans will be reviewed on a regular basis (quarterly at a minimum) – towards the continuous improvements in TQRDCE criteria. [SUPPLIER] is also encouraged to add items of feedback for customer that could enable [SUPPLIER]’s ability to respond.


Maximum Value Points Earned Technology Criteria Notes
30 State-Of-The-Art, R&D/Mfg. Equipment
File/Data Exchange, metrology, Automation
20 Process/Innovation
20 Process Development/Qualification/implementation
20 Mutual Engineering/Design for manufacture
10 Communication/Introduction of Market technology Trend to customer.
Cost, Quality, yield


Maximum Value Points Earned Part 1: Quality Criteria (if QSA done) Notes
75 Certified to process control Level 1. QSA
15 Cpk exceed 1.33 for critical parameters (1~3)
10 Fit-To-Use (Design for Quality)
Critical parameter
Maximum Value Points Earned Part 2: Quality Criteria (if no QSA done) Notes

Process Control

  • Defined and complemented process controls with process meeting target Cpk 1.33 on process control dimensions (1~3)
  • Control dimensions correlated with established criteria dimensions (Fit-For-Use)
  • Control charts specified and implemented on critical parameters specified by customer.
  • Documented process for integrating latest drawing/specification into manufacturing process.

Incoming Material

  • Material Inspection/Audit process is adequate.
  • Material variation communicated

Equipment & Maintenance

  • Preventive maintenance schedule established and maintenance for all equipment where appropriate.
  • Calibration records maintained.
    Critical parameter

Continuous Quality/Reliability Improvements

  • Continuous improvement plan in place to address quality and reliability improvements with goals and dates.
  • Root cause analysis made and corrective action taken to meet goals
  • Metrology process in place to ensure targeted results.
  • Corrective action system to address quality, reliability & custom complain.


Maximum Value Points Earned Part 2: Quality Criteria (if no QSA done) Notes

Responds to customer questions and inquires within 24 hours, responds to quotations within 5 working days, and demonstrates flexibility with order change.
New Po & PO rescheduled conformation with 2 working days.


Supplier had the flexibility in its manufacturing capacity to comply with customer unexpected sudden increases or decreases in its requirements at no additional cost.


Notification customer of potential delivery or quality problem with sufficient lead-time to avoid manufacturing or development disruptions.


Response to customer initiated process and material changes within agreed upon time frames

15 Documents responses to identified problem and corrective action requests.
15 Meet customer stated turnaround time for disposition of rejected material.


Maximum Value Points Earned Part 2: Quality Criteria (if no QSA done) Notes

On time delivery.


Lead-time meets current goal.


Follows shipping instructions (quality and carrier) or provides advantage request for changes.


Maximum Value Points Earned Part 2: Quality Criteria (if no QSA done) Notes

Cost reduction programs are in place to meet cost reduction goal.


Complete cost breakdown provided for each product manufactured.


Maximum Value Points Earned Part 2: Quality Criteria (if no QSA done) Notes
40 Environmental impact awareness

Designed environmentally


Disposal handling

Scoring Summary

  • Technology x15% weight
  • Quality x 20% weight
  • Responsiveness x 15% weight
  • Delivery x 20% weight
  • Cost x 20% weight
  • Business/Environmental x10% Weight

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